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Helping families achieve optimal health with Traditional Japanese Medicine.

At Bumblebee AcuTherapy, Traditional Japanese Medicine is used to help restore and rebalance the body to ideal health.  Traditional Japanese Acupuncture is a 3,000-year old eastern medical treatment that involves acupuncture needles, moxibustion, and acutherapy (non-invasive) tools.  The acupuncturist will stay in the room with the patient for the duration of the treatment to ensure maximum safety and efficacy of each treatment. Each treatment last between 30-60 minutes.  Each treatment is specifically customized to meet the patient’s needs and comfort level.

Every session at Bumblebee AcuTherapy will:
  • Focus on your unique situation to individual each treatment session

  • Provide holistic care that integrates western treatment

  • Coordinate with the parent’s or child’s care team whenever possible

  • Offer safe and gentle Japanese AcuTherapy techniques to heal the whole person, no matter the age or stage in development

Zoe MadoleZoe Madole
22:07 22 Nov 20
Our dentist referred us to Maya when she saw my little guys teeth were destroy by reflux that had persisted past 18 months. I wish we had found her sooner!!! Since seeing her not only has little mans reflux been brought under control, but he is all around healthier. He’s not cold all the time, his digestion is worlds better, and he’s a happy growing kid.Seeing Maya and her therapy dog Nana has even been fantastic for him emotionally. Little man had severe anxiety around any kind of medical profession after a medically complex start. Maya has always been gentle with him and respectful of his comfort and Nana and as the key to bridging early treatments. Treatment always makes him feel better. They earned his trust and he looks forward to our visits and will even give Drs in general a chance now.We have seen amazing results doing accutherepy with Maya and are so glad to continue to have her on our team keeping little man healthy.
Kate CoatesKate Coates
22:52 03 Sep 20
My 6 year old son LOVES Maya and we saw results after just 1 visit!
Bonnie DimmickBonnie Dimmick
02:52 29 Feb 20
After horrible morning (all-day) sickness for the majority of my first pregnancy, I saw Maya starting at the very beginning of my second pregnancy when the morning sickness was starting again. After a few treatments, I was feeling SO much better. I continued to feel good for the entire pregnancy, which was vital with a toddler. Maya is great and always made me feel comfortable and explained everything she was doing. Highly recommend!
Amy KellyAmy Kelly
01:26 24 Jan 20
Maya's knowledge and gentle approach - one needle at a time - sets her apart from any other acupuncturist I've ever seen. Each treatment is tailored to my specific needs and I get added benefits from her Moxa treatments. She is one of a kind!
Arsenia CastilloArsenia Castillo
05:00 09 Jan 20
I recently hurt myself at work. I could hardly breathe from the pain under my right clavicle, shoulder, and neck. Maya worked on me the same day, I was able to catch my breath and sleep well that night. Woke up brand new the next day! She was so gentle, informative, and precise. Maya always makes sure you feel comfortable and is extremely personable. It was my first time experiencing acupuncture therapy and I can’t wait to go back for more! Highly recommend!!!

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