Acupuncture For Postnatal Care

What can Traditional Japanese Acupuncture treat postpartum?

  • Umbilical hernia
  • Excessive bleeding (in coordination with your western medical provider)
  • Sleeping issues
  • Postpartum depression and anxiety disorders
  • Breast milk issues (lack of and excessive)
  • C-section scaring and related pain
  • Organ prolapses
  • Hormonal balancing and cycle regulation
  • and more!

Can I bring my child with me to treatment?

YES! Bumblebee AcuTherapy is a family-friendly office, with a kids play space and chairs for breastfeeding available. The parent is able to breastfeed/bottle feed when their baby needs it. Treatments can also be preformed while taking care of your children.

Can acupuncture help me recover from a C-section and how soon can I receive it after birth?

Treatment is concentrated directly to the incision to minimize scar tissue and related pain.  Acupuncture can happen directly after surgery, although many women wait until the stitches are out to begin treatments.  Patients can experience immediate positive results on scar appearance and sensitivity after one treatment.

I’m afraid of needles. Can I still receive Traditional Japanese Acupuncture?

Absolutely! Traditional Japanese Acupuncture is tailored to the individual so even the most sensitive can receive treatment with ease and comfort.    Acupuncture utilizes hair-thin needles.  In Japanese-style tradition, only one point is needled at a time, and the practitioner does not leave the room, ensuring that comfort of the patient is maintained at all times.

On average, how many treatments of acupuncture are needed?

This really depends on the person and what is being treated. Acute issues can usually be resolved within 1-3 treatments. Chronic issues take longer to resolve.