Meet Our Team

Bumblebee AcuTherapy helps parents and children to achieve health through gentle and effective Japanese acupuncture during the perinatal and family journey.

Heather “Maya” Suzuki, L.Ac., Owner

Heather “Maya” Suzuki lived and worked in Japan as an acupuncture and moxibustion therapist for over 10 years. There she treated patients in both Japanese and English at Acura Acupuncture Clinic. Maya became an apprentice there before entering acupuncture school at Toyo Shinkyu Senmon Gakko and continued working throughout and after her schooling. She learned how to roll moxa, remove needles, do intakes, and clean the clinic on the job. During school Maya also became a member of Iyashi No Michi Kyokai and Tanioka’s Daishiryu shonishin styles. In 2015 she attained dual licensure in Japan and the U.S. via NCCAOM and Colorado and Japan.

Maya has many hats. She owns and runs Bumblebee AcuTherapy, teaches Japanese acupuncture workshops around the US and internationally, and is the main translator and a mid-level practitioner for Iyashi No Michi. She is also a mid-level practitioner of Daishiryu style pediatric acupuncture. Maya is the head coordinator and translator for the Annual In-Touch Japan Seminar in Japan. She also volunteers as a translator for the North American Journal of Oriental Medicine where she has published several articles about Japanese acupuncture. She is passionate about allowing acupuncturists to improve their technical skills and therefore their clinical results via Japanese style needling and moxibustion.  Maya founded and teaches the online Japanese acupuncture educational school, ShinKyu University, aimed to educate acupuncturists around the world in Japanese acupuncture and moxa techniques.  To learn more, visit https://www.shinkyuuni.com/.

In her clinic, Maya utilizes Japanese acupuncture and AcuTherapy, or shonishin, as well as moxibustion. She mainly treats perinatal and pediatrics. Each treatment is as individual as each person is individual. Away from work, Maya is the mother of four incredibly active children and an avid whitewater kayaker.

  • 2005 : Graduated from CU at Boulder, BA of Japanese Language and Civilizations
  • 2008 – 2015 : Assistant/Acupuncturist at Acura Acupuncture Clinic; Tokyo, Japan
  • 2009 – Present : An active member of Iyashi No Michi Kyokai, Middle-level practitioner
  • 2009 – Present : An active member of the Tanioka Daishiyu Style of Pediatric Japanese Acupuncture
  • 2011 : Graduated from Toyo Shinkyu Senmon Gakko; Tokyo, Japan
  • 2012 : Became licensed in Japan as an Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapist
  • 2013 – Present : Coordinator of the Annual In-Touch Japan Seminar; Japan
  • 2015 – Present : Coordinator and Translator for the Iyashi No Michi Foreign Acupuncturist Seminars (Currently in Tokyo and the US)
  • 2017 – 2018 : Taught and directed the fundamental Japanese acupuncture study group; Boulder, CO
  • 2018 : Licensed in the U.S. as a Diplomat of Acupuncture
  • 2018 – Present : Opened Bumblebee AcuTherapy
  • 2019 : Taught the Fundamental Japanese acupuncture and Moxibustion seminar; Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 2020 : Faculty at Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dierdre Mangan, L.Ac., LMT

Dierdre is a nationally board certified acupuncturist and herbal medicine practitioner.  She graduated from the Colorado School of Chinese Medicine, with over 3,045 hours of training.  Dierdre holds a Masters of Science in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine (M.S.T.C.M).  She is certified in Clean Needle Technique (CNT) and is a member of the Colorado Association of Acupuncture.  

Originally hailing from New York, Dierdre earned a BA in history from Allegheny College in Meadville, PA.  Undecided of what to pursue after college, Dierdre traveled throughout Europe, ending up in Galway, Ireland.  After her mother was diagnosed with cancer, Dierdre settled back in New York where she enrolled at Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy in NYC.  It was during this time that Dierdre first was introduced to acupuncture.  Throughout her mother’s battle with stage four melanoma, Dierdre began to accompany her mother into Brooklyn every week for acupuncture treatments.  It was this experience that sparked her curiosity (and later, passion) into the 4,000 year old medicine.

Dierdre’s personal journey with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine has seen her through digestive issues, insomnia, and pregnancy.  Dierdre relied on acupuncture through both of her pregnancies to mediate morning sickness, hip pain, and induce labor.  As an avid runner, cyclist, and skier, Dierdre has experienced first hand the benefits acupuncture provides to keep her active year round.

In spring of 2021, Dierdre began working with Maya as her clinical assistant.  She is also a participant of ShinKyu University, where she continues to develop Japanese-style acupuncture and pediatrics technique.   She is involved with the local acupuncture school, assisting in skills classes as well.  Dierdre is excited to join Bumblebee AcuTherapy as an acupuncturist and herbalist.

When not in the clinic, Dierdre stays busy as a mother of two (two-legged) children and two (four-legged) friends.