Well, just when we think there’s a lull in this madness, Omicron sweeps through Colorado.   Regardless of vaccinations, masking, and social distancing, covid is still running rampant around the world.  I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t able to escape it’s clutches.  Fortunately, with rest, acupuncture, and herbs, I was able to deter a serious case.  But many people are left with fatigue, chronic cough, and brain fog.  What can help with this? Acupuncture and moxa!


After the acute phase of covid passes, symptoms may linger for weeks or even months.  More research is coming out about “long-haul” covid, with some cases lasting months after initial infection.  Acupuncture supports the body’s healing process.  After infection occurs, the body creates an inflammatory response to a virus causing fever, aches, and sore throat.  As it progresses through the body, getting deeper into the lungs, the body responds with mucus and phlegm build up.  Exhaustion is likely to follow, causing the body to plummet into a state of extreme fatigue and weariness.  As your body begins to win the fight against the pathogen, there is a period of convalescence that is critical to prevent lingering symptoms.  During this time, get as much rest as you can.  Be sure to stay hydrated, but (believe it or not) not OVER hydrated.  Drinking small amounts of room temperature water throughout the day, rather than chugging a big glass at once, allows the body to properly absorb and metabolize the fluid so it does not accumulate in the body.  

Sometimes, even after the acute, hacking cough has passed, a persistent tickle in the throat may continue to annoy for weeks after the initial covid infection.  Using needles and moxa, acupuncture can knock that lingering cough right out, usually after only one or two sessions.  This helps to prevent chronic bronchitis from developing, leading to long term lung weakness.

Acupuncture and moxa can help suppress inflammation in the body, allowing the immune system to work at its optimal level for shorter illness duration and quicker recovery time.  Brain fog, another common lingering symptom, can be alleviated by acupuncture as well.  By balancing out the body’s energy (ki or qi), acupuncture helps facilitate the proper circulation of vital fluids through the body, like blood and lymph.  This in turn allows the mind to recover and mucks out the brain fog that may still be present.

Experiencing any of these symptoms or know someone who has been battling with long-haul covid? Call or book an appointment today to figure out how acupuncture can help you!