How are you? How are your family, job, and business doing?

We are living at a monumental point in history. Economies all around the world are being shut down because of an invisible virus. It’s incredible and almost surreal. But it’s happening.

My biggest take through all of this is the incredible way acupuncture and herbal medicine have stepped up to fight the pandemic. The news coming out of China is impressive. Herbal remedies are working better than western medications to fight this! Wonder why? It’s because the history and treatment of viruses like COVID-19 are recorded in Chinese classical texts. Books like the Shang Han Lun are becoming indispensable in the treatment of COVID-19.

Over the past few days, I have been receiving so many emails, Facebook alerts, NPR updates, etc. about COVID-19. I won’t lie. This is scary and worrying. Many of my friends and patients are losing their incomes and businesses.

So what can we do individually to fight this? As a family? As a community? I wrestled with this for much of the weekend. I even called my 72-year-old father to ask his opinion. Do you know what he said? He said, “Get tough. Fight. Letting yourself be scared is going to lower your immunity.” Do you know what he also said? He asked me if I was treating myself and my family. Why? Because he knows that acupuncture and moxibustion raise the immune system

Now I know that many of you don’t want to or shouldn’t be leaving your homes right now for treatment. That is why I am setting up a virtual treatment desk. It isn’t ideal, but I will be able to assess your symptoms, prescribe herbs, and/or show you how to treat yourself with moxa to help with ailments and even signs of COVID-19. In particular, I am stocking up on anti-viral and immune-supporting herbs. I am also performing home visits on an as-need basis. Please contact me to set either of these up.

Don’t hesitate to email, text, or call if you have any questions or if even you need to talk. I am here for you! Let’s show the world how a community can overcome any situation. Let’s show the world how much acupuncture and moxibustion can help people.

Stay in touch, and stay safe!